Rahu in 10th House

What is the result of Rahu in 10th House?

10th house belongs to profession and Rahu belongs to Forigen things,Modern or untraditional things, artisan quality so native may be working in such type of profession. Such as computer related jobs which is modern and untraditional but famous in current time. Native may be artisan such as actor, writers,poet.Rahu in 10th house indicating native may be bussiness Man because Rahu gives power to take risk at extreme level. So native may inclined regarding Bussiness.Rahu In 10th house indicating native may be earn through Frauds or through fishing people. Rahu In 10th may also cause earn through hidden source of earning.Rahu In 10th may cause native may be in alcoholic profession or drugs(which is related to Nasha) or any unwanted or illegal activity.Overall Rahu behave like rashi lord where it is sitting so final results may depand on Rahu rashi.

Rahu in 10th may cause for less number of children.

Rahu In 10th house indicating native may have unsatisfied Persnol life. Native don’t satisfied in his profession always wants more and more. Native don’t satisfied through his family happiness in both physical or mental including all sorts of matter. So Native may faces mental stress regarding a lots of hidden hidden So Native may face unpeaceful environment in both professional or family Life.

Rahu In 10th house indicating native have very high sexual inclinations.Native have inclinations to make relation with bad women or widow women.

Rahu In 10th indicating native may be involving in unrightful deeds.

Rahu in 10th house making native scholar and creative author(Rahu belongs to imaginations).

Rahu in 10th makes native very brave and fearless.

Rahu in 10th makes native famous.

Rahu in 10th indicating native may be face traboule in his profession, Native may suffering up and down in his professional life

Note:All these are general prediction Please provide it DoB and time for accurate prediction



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