What happened when Rahu sits in the 8th house?

To know the effects of Rahu in 8th house, let us first know about Rahu and the 8th house of horscope.

About Rahu: Rahu is a shadow planet in vedic astrology. It is not an astronomical planet. It represents pending karmas, unknown things, futuristic approach, virtual world, medicines, drugs, deception, sudden events, greed and expansion. It co rules the signs of Aquarius along with Saturn.

8th house : It represents occult, mysticism, transformation, sudden events, death, in laws, joint property with spouse, hidden activities, taboos, in laws. It sometimes also shows inheritance. In a kalpurush kundali the sign of scorpio sits in the 8th house which is ruled by mars.

Few things that are common between the 8th house and Rahu –

sudden events
it relates to secrecy
In laws
Effects Of Rahu In 8th house-

If we consider Rahu placed in a kalpurush kundli. It will be in its debilation sign. Let us know the effects of debilated Rahu :

Rahu here will brings problems in relation with the in laws.
Rahu in this sign will give knowledge of mining(mars and saturn must also be seen) and also sometimes helps in brick making business. (Mars should be prominent).
Debilated rahu in this house gives knowledge of occult and mysticism.
Now let us know the general effects of Rahu in this house –

Sometimes Rahu can give psychic ability to the native, helping them in telepathy and becoming a medium etc.
This placement of Rahu can be found in the horoscopes of spies and natives who carry undercover operations.
A negative Rahu her can bring many obstacles in financial progress. It incures debt.
Since Rahu and Ketu are in the 2–8 axis here, it can bring sudden happenings in the family and relayed to acumulated wealth.
Much depends on the sign and Nakshatra in which Rahu is placed to tell about specific effects it can give with such a placement.



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