Saturn and Rahu

Is Saturn and Rahu in the same house bad?

No, conjunction can be termed as good or bad without analysing the whole chart. But to understand the general prediction regarding the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu, let us know a bit about these two planets.
Difference in Rahu and Saturn –

Rahu is all about expansion and materialstic ideas. On the other hand Shani/saturn represents limitations and restrictions.
Saturn is about obedience, rules and discipline. Rahu represents rule breaking and unconventional ways.
Rahu gives impatience, ways to exploit resources and hasty decisions. On the other hand Saturn teaches patience, hard work and time management.
Common effects of these two planets

Both rule the sign of Aquarius which is naturally positioned in the 11th house of horscope.
Both planets incite fear and anxiety.
When this conjunction is bad And the effects : According to my experience this conjunction may give bad results when :

Saturn retrogrades, we get results of our actions instantly. It makes a person too obssesed with his work sometimes.
When they are postioned in a water sign. This causes emotional imbalance and stress.
When Rahu is stronger than Saturn. It may involve a person in illegal activities like gambling, smuggling and spying.
Shrapit dosha : Dosha means a malefic combination of planet due to past life karmas. This specific combination is said to occur due to debts of ancestors. It may cause havoc related to the house where these planets are conjuct and aspect together.
When aspecting or sitting in 5th house, these two malefic planets cause problem in conceiving.
When this conjunction is negatively placed in the 7th or 11th house, then such native are disrespected by people who are quite younger to them.
If these planets are negatively placed in third house, then their is no younger sibling and the native has quarrels with neighbours.
Positive Effects :

When Saturn in exalted in the sign of libra with Rahu placed with it. The qualities of Saturn are amplified.
This combination if positively placed and associated with laabh sthanas makes one successful in automobile industry, metallurgy and selling of alcohol etc.
This combination is good for argumentation and Rahu represents foreign land . Hence, helps in becoming a good lawyer in a foreign country or has good knowledge of international law.
It helps in creating replicates of an original product and also manufacture at large scale.
Note : one should see the aspects and signs to know the accurate effect of this conjunction.

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