Effect of Rahu’s Transit Through Punarvasu Nakshatra in 2019

So as to comprehend Rahu’s travel through Punarvasu and its effect on all ascendants and Moon signs, we should initially attempt to understand the strong planet Rahu and why it is dreaded. The mother of Rahu, Maya, is otherwise called Mayavi or the planet of figment. Rahu can embody whichever planet or house it partners with. For instance, in the event that it is arranged with Moon, Rahu assumes control over one’s brain. When it is set with Sun, it is known as the Grahan Yoga. With Jupiter it causes the Guru Chandal Yoga. Rahu has a double vitality as it can do both great and awful in equivalent measure.

Aries ascendant

Rahu will travel through the fourth house. Thus, matters identified with advanced education, religious/profound travel, fortune alongside remote travel, aggravated rest, segregation, issues identified with the left eye, physical infirmities and movement to an alternate nation are featured. Individuals experiencing divorce cases will be authorized a separation.

Taurus ascendant

Rahu will travel the third house and can cause a fracture with your more youthful kin, or to the kin, yet will enhance your sane reasoning and feature your administration capacities, dear Taurus. Give careful consideration to your wellbeing and funds. You may likewise make powerful companions in this period.

Gemini ascendant

Rahu will travel the second house and will concentrate on cash matters, individual profit and articulation of discourse. Gemini locals could confront issues regarding marriage, mate, organizations yet short travel is demonstrated for those in this sign. Vocations identified with otherworldliness will get a sudden lift prompting notoriety and respect for you dear Gemini. There could be some medical problems in connection to urinary tract and generative organs. Alert with sustenance admission is exhorted.

Malignancy ascendant

Rahu’s travel through Punarvasu in first house will make you dive in modern patterns and mass brain science dear Cancer. It could likewise make you vain and illusionary about self-accomplishments alongside disarray in your manner of thinking. Focus on your wellbeing, obligations and avoid office legislative issues.

Leo ascendant

Rahu will travel the twelfth house and can cause you some pressure dear Leo. Over the span of this travel Leo locals ought to keep away from liquor or any intoxicants. Understudies may likewise confront challenges right now. A wide range of mystery undertakings will sprout. A stomach affliction might be on the cards so be watchful about what you eat. Be that as it may, this period is useful for out of box considering, reflection and upasnas.

Virgo ascendant

For Virgo, Rahu will be in the eleventh house, which happens to be an upchhaya house. This travel will feature matters identified with increases, yearnings, senior kin and fellowships. Concerning Punarvasu Nakshatra, the emphasis will be on marriage, connections, home, hearth, family and short voyages. Consideration must be paid to your mom’s wellbeing or your property dealings and related printed material, dear Virgo. Organizations ought to be cautiously assessed before marking any deeds or reminders. Practice reflection to keep up harmony and quiet at home.

Libra ascendants

Dear Libra, Rahu will travel your tenth house. Since this an upchhaya house, Libras searching for openings for work abroad will have their desire allowed. There could likewise be a deluge of employment prospects from huge global organizations. Cooperation with nonnatives or explorers from abroad is additionally on the cards. Short ventures are shown. Odds of composing a book and distributing it are conceivable if the yogas in your graph allow so. Keep up your tranquility with more youthful kin.

Scorpio Lagna

Rahu will travel ninth place of chances and causes slight choppiness in your funds, dear Scorpio. Be cautious about warring with your supervisors as there might be an issue with finding new openings for work amid this time.

Sagittarius ascendant

Dear Sagittarius, Rahu will travel your eighth house, causing a sudden enthusiasm for otherworldly practices or mysterious sciences and may make you progressively philosophical in your standpoint. Be mindful so as not to disregard your home in quest for your mystery otherworldly voyage, dear Sagittarius.

Capricorn ascendants

Dear Capricorn, Rahu will travel in your seventh house, making you amazingly mindful and wary. Prepare for strife in your conjugal life amid this period. Short goes to remote terrains are on the cards. Essayists/distributers will have the capacity to distribute their scholarly works. Capricorns in warning limit, for example, counseling or law, will see a sudden surge of individuals needing exhortation.

Aquarius ascendants

Rahu would travel your sixth house, dear Aquarius, causing some worry in your accounts. On the other hand, your monetary circumstance might be influenced because of some medical problems. It would be ideal if you deal with your wellbeing! Any unsafe endeavors ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. Exceptional consideration ought to be taken to stay away from office governmental issues and associates who might not have your best advantages on a basic level.

Pisces ascendant

Rahu will travel the fifth house, causing a strife in your vocation segment, dear Pisces. Your basic leadership might be suspect in connection to your profession, ventures or kids. Pisceans should control their negative perspective as their observation may trick them amid this period.



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