Sun Transit in Capricorn

Sun Transit in Capricorn – January 14, 2019

As indicated by Vedic Astrology, the situation of Sun is extremely noticeable in a birth graph. Planet Sun is viewed as lifted up in the sign Aries at 10 degrees, while it is weakened in the sign Libra at 10 degrees. In the zodiac sign Leo, Sun is viewed as put in Mool Trikona if the level of Sun changes from 1 to 20, though on the off chance that it surpasses from 20 degrees, it will be viewed as set in its own sign. Sun is a coldblooded planet and furthermore earned as the spirit of Kaal Purush. It is the master of East and image of red shading. Sun is a leader of bones and biliary in the human body. It gives capacity to an individual. It is likewise a significator of Health and goes under the red hot component. Moon, Mars and Jupiter are companions with one another. Mercury is nonpartisan to Sun and Venus and Saturn are considered as adversaries.

n Vedic Astrology, Sun assumes an exceptionally huge job since it is a planet which controls over the spirit. At the point when Sun enters in Capricorn sign, it is viewed as truly ideal. It is the indication of Lord Shani, the child of Lord Surya. Subsequently it is trusted that Sun enters in that sign to meet his child. When Sun enters in Capricorn, the wonder is known to be Uttarayan. What’s more, from this day onwards, favorable work starts. This day is commended as Makar Sankranti with extraordinary bliss in the diverse areas of India. In Tamil Nadu, the travel of Sun in Capricorn is commended as the celebration of Pongal. Similarly, it gets celebrated as Uttarayan in the conditions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. After dusk on Makar Sankranti, all the promising capacities are performed after the following dawn. In 2019, the section of Sun in Capricorn will be on January 14, 2019 at 7:44:29 pm. In this way, the celebration of Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Uttarayana will be seen on fifteenth January 2019.

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