Ketu Effect in all Houses

Ketu in First House: Marks even with the local, ailing, niggardly, a stillborn tyke to the local and so on. On the off chance that it is associated with benefics, local will be rich and have long living youngsters.

Ketu in Second House: Unhealthy, stressed over family, No reserve funds, particularly about youngsters, dark composition, twice wedded and so forth. In the event that benfics is conjoined with Ketu, it can cause a mole in the jawline. Local will be fortunate and will loathe individuals and furthermore will be abhorred by them.

Ketu in Third House: Native will be pleasant, rich, fruitful errand person, temporary worker and Agriculturist.

Ketu in Fourth House: Native will have riches, gems, may wed twice, not great to mother. On the off chance that it is associated with benefics, at that point the detestable outcomes will be moderated. Local will detest relatives.

Ketu in Fifth House: It is unfavorable to kids, may stammer, an awful individual (He might be rebuffed by the Government). Local will be tricky. He will have hydrophobia and will be unfortunate.

Ketu in Sixth House: Native will be gallant. Local will appreciate existence with whole fulfillment. Moon conjunct with Ketu demonstrates misfortunes, no investment funds, will be clver. Local will be preferred by relatives, celebrated, educated and studious.

Ketu in Seventh House: Native may wed again in the wake of losing the principal spouse, second wife may experience the ill effects of perpetual infection, in the event that malefics, at that point issue at conjugal front. On the off chance that benefics related with Ketu, at that point it might give one wive, favorable luck, fortunate spouse, long living and so on. Malefic may demolish the joy of wedded life.

Ketu in Eighth House: Native may have constant infection. He will get inheritance, will appreciate at others cost, discovers delight in the organization of others spouses, niggardly. In the event that conjunct with benefics, it gives long life and riches.

Ketu in Ninth House: It influences the life span of your youngsters, local will discover joy with low class women and hirelings. Local won’t be thoughtful. Local will never give. He will get effectively bothered, can contend, will talk pleasantly, will likewise speak sick about others and so on.

Ketu in Tenth House: Native will discover delight in widow’s organization. Local will live messy spots. On the off chance that it is appended with benefics, it will alleviate the burden. He will have reliable hireling. He will be sharp, conciliatory, courageous, great at etching, will have social achievement, will visit dependably.

Ketu in Eleventh House: Native will have numerous kids, be rich, gallant, have social achievement, spend the base and so on.

Ketu in Twelfth House: Native will have not very many youngsters. They will have an imperfect vision. He will be a heathen. He will be feeble disapproved, deceitful and will experience the ill effects of loss of genealogical property and notoriety.

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