Monthly Horoscope


Aquarius Horoscope

General: You are likely to witness some adverse situations at domestic front but it is in your hands to handle the situation. Remember it is a decisive period so a special care needs to be taken to give way to success in life. You shall get opportunity your higher education and scholarship.

Career: The key area of focus should be the end result which is most important thing this month. Some influential people will come to rescue you from hurdles.

Business/Finance: There will be rise in income this month. At workplace you are respected and your advices are sought. There will be a need to review and revise your investment plans in light of the present situation. You will win name and fame at work in the society. Carelessness or hasty investment could cause losses. New projects will be alluring and hard hour will ensure outstanding gains in the long run.

Romance: Need to realize the importance of Love during the month. It is a fulfilling experience on its own that can bring romance as a bonus. Share each others happiness to enjoy life.

Health: Health wise a promising month as you realize your true potential and take all possible preventive measures. There is no threat on health front and you will maintain normalcy.

 Finance                2/5

Health                   2/5

Love Life              3/5