Monthly Horoscope


Aries Horoscope

General: The period is average for professionals. In reality you have not made some serious efforts to achieve your goals. There may be good news from near and dear. Your name in society will improve during the month. Students will fare well in exam/competitions.

Career: You may be notice a sudden change and lot of activity happening at workplace this month. Great opportunities could knock at your door and this could be an important turning point.

Business/Finance: You will be in complete control of things around you but you may suddenly feel an increase in workload. Gains from investments will enhance prosperity and expenditures on luxuries will increase. If you are planning on investing in a new venture then you better take small factors into consideration during the month.

Romance: A timely solution will bring happiness at home. It may give you a chance to meet someone new or bring new life to a current relationship. Intense loving from your spouse or beloved keeps you in an excellent mood.

Health: Outdoor sports events and entertainment Programme will help you keep relaxed. Avoid overeating and undertake regular exercise and yoga this month.

 Finance                2/5

Health                   3/5

Love Life              3/5