Monthly Horoscope


Capricorn Horoscope

General: This month happy news from a friend or a close relative will boost your spirits and bring cheerful moments. You have to control your temperaments and do not exchange harsh words.

Career: Those employed would have to work-hard to retain their present position at workplace. You are likely to be entrusted with additional responsibility. A carefree approach could give your colleague to supersede you for promotion.

Business/Finance: This month will open up some lucrative opportunities with attractive financial possibilities. In the long run you are likely to be benefited from it. Excitement over new projects and financial gains will energize you. Your efforts would get noticed and appreciated by your seniors. Investment in share market won´┐Żt be beneficial.

Romance: Love and romance will dominate you this month as you go out of the way to please your beloved. Make sure you avoid sticking to hard & fast rule in love. You should develop a sense of being practical.

Health: You have to take care of your personal health. Do not neglect even a minor ailment and needs proper medical care. Positive changes can be ushered in through regular exercise.

 Finance                4/5

Health                   2/5

Love Life              3/5