Monthly Horoscope


Leo Horoscope

General: This month the atmosphere at home and also at work place will be full of joy and happiness. If possible avoid sharing your secretes with other. Your leadership and Managerial abilities will be applauded. Student will show extra zeal in learning.

Career: There will be progress and growth in your career during the month. Your senior may give you valuable suggestion; however you need to scan them before executing.

Business/Finance:Businessmen will reap benefits of the hard work of previous months. You need to enjoy the life rather than only care for money. Your opponents will not be able to stop your business growth. Any expansion and development in business will reap long term benefits. This is a good period for financial rise.

Romance: You need to behave politely and sensibly with your partner. Love is the medicine for any kind of pain therefore be honest and open minded in love affair during the month.

Health: You health will be wonderful during the month and those already facing health problems will get some respite in later half of the month.

 Finance                3/5

Health                   2/5

Love Life              2/5