Monthly Horoscope


Libra Horoscope

General: This month you will enjoy the company of your friends and it would make you free from despair thus you could attain real happiness to start in life. You will visit holy places and participate in religious activities during the month.

Career: The month is good for pursuing any kind of technical education. You will be able to solve all sort of problem with your intelligence. Rapid changes in luck related to career would be felt this month.

Business/Finance: There may be some rise of stock which would bring you unexpected gain during the month. Putting money in new venture would be best deal for you. Investment especially into research and development industries would be profitable. You will be able to complete any difficult task with little efforts. Foreign tour and travel will be profitable in this month

Romance: The month is succeeding in conquering romantic passion. It will take your love life to a new height as well as married life will be happy and those who are Single will find their partner.

Health: Minor health ailments due to untimely food habits can cause some worry. Proper exercise and diet will be important to maintain regular good health during the month.

 Finance                2/5

Health                   4/5

Love Life              2/5