Monthly Horoscope


Sagittarius Horoscope

General: You should face any difficult situation with courage this month. You will overcome the difficulties with your forethought. If possible, change your schedule and have a firm belief in yourself. You will perform religious activities at home.

Career: Your prestige will be satisfactory and you will be succeeding further this month. Your new ideas and technical knowledge will make a good impression on others.

Business/Finance: You need to sincerely undertake the responsibilities to bring job satisfaction. This is a period to invest with extreme precaution and care. Past investments need another re-examination. Your ability to charm others will put you in the limelight. If you're planning on investing in a new venture then you better take small factors into consideration.

Romance: Long wait to get a positive response at romantic front is likely to realise. Enjoying small lovely moments would infuse a new spirit in relationship this month.

Health: Your need to extra cautious about your health during the month. Extra rest, proper diet and little exercise will be important to regain your strength and spirits this month.

 Finance                   4/5

Health                      2/5

Love Life                 3/5