Monthly Horoscope


Scorpio Horoscope

General: Your work would be the top most agenda this month. Developing new contacts by social gathering would augur well for your future. Your communication skills will be on all high during the month.

Career: You will feel quite confident and energetic. Better career opportunities are expected as many chances received for personal growth in service. Do not forget to reassess your strengths and future plans.

Business/Finance: Your monetary position will be improved as all pending payments get cleared this month. You may also recover some money which as held up in the past. You should invest in long-term plans it will be beneficial for you. The month is also good for new venture. A sudden period of high activity and growth could come up by the end of this month.

Romance: Your relationship might be distracted with your partner so devote your time as much as possible. Take the help of verbal & non-verbal messages to convey your love & care to family.

Health: Those suffering from some ailment can hope for a swift recovery this month. High time to get rid of alcohol to enable yourself to attain physical fitness.

Finance                 3/5

Health                   2/5

Love Life              3/5