Monthly Horoscope


Taurus Horoscope

General: The month is seen to be full of hectic activities like socializing, entertaining and making plans for the future this month. You will be in best of spirits and achieve even better result due to optimism and enthusiasm.

Career: You need to work in close harmony with colleagues to bring desired results. Try not to focus too much on individual attitude this month. You are likely to invite arguments/displeasure at work due to harsh speech.

Business/Finance: This month your improved position will put you in better positions. Your new ideas and technical knowledge will make a good impression on others. Money in hand will give you the strength to work-hard. Joint ventures will make steady progress. Lucrative investment schemes will attract. Your plan to own a house would get fulfilled.

Romance: Budding romance for those unattached will bring new excitement and cheerfulness in life. You are likely to go on a pleasure trip that would rejuvenate your passion this month.

Health: Health seems perfect except minor stomach ailments, take necessary precautions in the changing weather and avoid eating any exposed food this month.

 Finance                3/5

Health                   4/5

Love Life              2/5